Lemon Balm

5 Easy to Maintain Plants Perfect for Your Office

September 5, 2016


Lemon Balm

Plants are great for interior decoration. Aside from improving the overall appearance of your working place, plants can also give more benefits to the people who are working in the office. For one, indoor plants provide a cleaner and cooler air. Plants also have these calming effects that can alleviate the pressure and stress from long hours of work. It can also enhance the employees’ attitude.

However, not all plants are perfect to be placed in an office set-up. You don’t absolutely need huge and costly plants. Ideally, what you need are small and low-maintenance plants and some of these plants are the following:

1. Spider Plants

Spider plants are perfect for hanging baskets and high shelves. They can survive even with a minimal exposure to sunlight. Thus, you don’t have worry if you keep them inside for a long period of time. Because of the good quality air they provide and since they are pleasant to the eyes, they can help reduce stress.  They can also help you get rid of harmful compounds and other toxins in the air that are harmful to the body. These plants can make people feel relaxed in the office.

2. Lemon Balm

Lemon balms are plants are perfect for your office balcony and they require enough amount to sunlight to survive and grow beautifully. It can boost positive attitude in the office and it produces sweet smell that can really bright up everybody’s mood. Place these plants in appropriate pots with good soil and remember to water them regularly because you have to keep them moist.

3. Philodendron

These plants are lush and leafy that can help you remove harmful compounds and too much carbon dioxide in the office. Constant exposure to high level of carbon dioxide may have an immediate and short-term effective to employee such as headache and drowsiness, reducing their work focus. Ideally, you have to place these plants in a hanging basket or pot with loose soil. The soil should be moderately wet around two times every week.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily can survive even with less exposure to sunlight and it is a great plant for your office. Place them in pots with loose soil and make sure that there is proper drainage for the water to flow. You have to check the soil once in a while and never let it dry. Water the plant regularly and you can expect this plant to produce lovely flowers. The Peace Lily flowers will surely made your office balcony attractive.

5. Golden Pothos

This is one of the best air-cleaning plants that you should have in your office. The leaves of these plants are heart-shaped and can help produce a cleaner air. You can use pots and hanging baskets for these plants while keeping the soil slightly dry. Since they are not hard to grow, you can also re-pot the plant after few months. Golden Pothos doesn’t also require too much light and can be placed directly in your desk.