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Account Boosting Trading Promotions

April 9, 2018


Demo trading accounts can be extremely useful. You can practise almost every angle of your trading without risking a cent or losing one either! However, the way that we behave emotionally towards our trades on a demo trading account is different to how we behave towards a real trade on a live account using our own hard-earned cash.

This is when trading promotions can be extremely useful. They can help soften the blow when you start out trading. They make for a good halfway house between trading fake money and trading your own money. When you trade real money that has been deposited into your account as part of a promotion, this gives you the chance to see how you behave in real circumstances and will help you identify if you have any potentially negative trading habits which didn’t necessarily present themselves when using the demo trading account.

Vantage FX clients currently have access to 8 different promotions, putting the broker once again streets ahead of its competitors. They are offering promotions to suit a broad spectrum of traders, from manual traders to traders that use robots, from novice traders to experienced traders.

Within their range of promotions, Vantage FX have several promotions which fall under the umbrella of boosting your trading account.

Firstly, they are offering a 50% bonus on your initial deposit, up to a maximum of a $250 bonus. For example, if you deposit $300, Vantage will give you $150 bonus, if you deposit $400 Vantage FX will give you a bonus of $200. If you deposit $500 or more, you will receive a $250 bonus. These funds will help your trading psychology as you begin to trade if you are starting out and if you already trade this money can help reduce your trading costs by boosting your account balance. Quite simply open a live forex trading account, deposit funds, start trading and claim your bonus. Make sure you check out the terms and conditions before applying.

Another promotion from Vantage FX and possibly the most exciting, is access to an 8.88% cash bonus on the account balance, if you move your account across to Vantage FX. This is a promotion directly aimed at active forex traders and is a feature that is available to all Vantage FX trading accounts. This feature gives you an additional monthly income on your available balance, in addition to your trading profits. In a historically low interest rate environment, this promotion puts Vantage FX significantly in front of the crowd. There are no spread increases and trading conditions are identical whether you opt to do the promotion or not.

These are just two of the eight promotions that Vantage FX are offering their clients. Just these two alone should tempt any forex trader, experienced or not to test out the account. Vantage FX are so sure of their offering, they are confident that you will chose to keep your trading account with Vantage FX.