Can’t Afford To Live In London? Try These Brilliant Alternatives

August 2, 2014


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Sometimes it can feel as though London is the centre of the universe. If you want a great job and a fantastic life then, you should move to London – at least that’s what everyone tells you. The capital of England does have a great deal to offer its residents. Like it or not there are more job prospects in the capital. One of the main reasons so many people move to London after university is because there are better graduate jobs in the city.

Whilst you recognise that London has the most career prospects, you can’t afford to move there. Not having the money to move is a dilemma that many people come up against in their life. You want to have a successful career, in which you can progress, but you can’t afford to live where all the jobs are. Never fear, you don’t have to move to London to be a success. Here are some brilliant alternatives to moving to London.

Work From Home

You don’t have to live in London, to work for a company there. In the modern age, many companies are outsourcing work to freelancers. Being a freelancer means that you can work from wherever you want. You do not have to move to work. All you need is a computer and your brain to work for a variety of companies. From the luxury of your home (wherever that may be) you can apply to work for a wide range of companies. These companies don’t just need to be in the UK or even London. You can apply to work anywhere in the world. Freelancing from home is a fantastic way to build up your portfolio or CV without having to make an expensive move down to London.

Live In The Surrounding Areas

You may not be able to afford to live in London, but can you afford to live around it? There are many cities and towns just outside of London where you might consider moving. Living so close to the capital will mean that you can commute in for work. Of course commuting will take longer than if you lived in London, but your house will be much cheaper. Look at estate agents in Ipswich, Romford and Epping for example. There are many places you can live which are much cheaper than living in central London.

Try Another Major City

London is not the only city with job prospects. Why not consider moving to a cheaper city, where you can still find a great job? Manchester is fantastic for media and advertising, so media graduates should consider moving there. Birmingham has ┬ámany work opportunities for young people. In the midlands, there are many job prospects from media to arts. The great many museums in Birmingham mean that people who move there can make an arts and heritage career for themselves. Don’t just limit yourself to London. Of course, there are more jobs in the capital, but there are also more people. Moving to London doesn’t mean that you will immediately get your dream job.

Try Another Country

The job market in England is not exactly healthy. Whilst there do seem to be more jobs on the horizon, there are still a great many people who don’t have jobs. If you can’t find a job in England or the UK, then you may have to look further afield. One country where there will always be jobs is Australia. The job market in Oz is more secure than ever, and the country is always in need of new professionals. If you’re struggling to find a job then look into careers in Australia.

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