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fxSimulator – Forex Trading Made Easy

With the increasingly popular trend of trading forex, many are tempted to try out this new, fun source of income. But it isn’t easy to simply start trading. That’s why there is a learning platform fxSimulator that is so helpful, precise and reliable that successful brokers offer it to their clients to improve their trading […]

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Account Boosting Trading Promotions

  Demo trading accounts can be extremely useful. You can practise almost every angle of your trading without risking a cent or losing one either! However, the way that we behave emotionally towards our trades on a demo trading account is different to how we behave towards a real trade on a live account using […]

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Understanding the Basic Factors of Forex Market

  Trading industry is one of the easiest investment sections in the world. But people always make it complex. You will be surprised to know that almost 95% of the retail investors are losing money in Forex market. You might be a successful businessman but when it comes to Forex trading profession, it’s very obvious […]

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Forex Investment Strategy

  When an investor decides to begin trading Forex, there are some very important steps to follow.  Understanding the basics of how the Forex market works, and then understanding the possible strategies to consider are among those first crucial steps.  Forex trading strategies fall into a few different categories and which basic category to choose […]

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How to Use Hedging in Forex

Trading in FX is always connected with a risk of loss. That is why many traders use different tools to minimize risks. What is hedging in Forex? What are its advantages and disadvantages? The answers on the questions will be covered in this article. Definition Hedge is an instrument that is used on two oppositely […]

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Difference Between Bid And Ask Price Exchange Rates

In the Forex market every cost movement is connected with changes between ask and bid. Different news usually influences the demand increase and supply cutting, and vice versa. Let’s define the main terms to better interpret the FX mechanism. What is bid and ask price? What a seller demand is called ask price; bid price […]

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