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Choosing the Best PPI Claims Company

January 21, 2019

The PPI scandal has been ongoing for many years now, and so far thousands of people have successfully claimed back money owed from mis-sold policies. Many others, however, have yet to make a claim, and it is getting to the point now where you need to act fast if you are to get back the money owed.

Put simply, the scandal came about a few years back when it became clear that many consumers had been sold Payment Protection Insurance – PPI – that would never have been any use to them, or that they had not been told about in the first instance. Those who were self-employed or retired, for example, would not have benefitted from the fees they were paying, and there are more instances.

The High Court subsequently ruled that all who had been mis-sold PPI should have a right to claim it back, hence the situation we have now. You can claim back PPI yourself although it can be a somewhat complex process, and it is to your benefit that there are many companies offering to make the claim for you. They do charge a fee, so who is the best company to handle your PPI claim?

Making a Claim

Let’s say you have had loans or credit agreements in the past, but cannot remember who they were with. A PPI claims company can find out for you what you paid into in the past, and will do so for a small percentage of the final award. The problem is there are many companies offering this service, and some are less satisfactory than others!

We can safely say that among the best PPI companies is Mapleleaf Financial, and they have many satisfied clients who have successfully claimed back the fees paid – plus interest pending – to the tune of many thousands of pounds. If you think you have a valid claim, it is certainly worth checking out their website for further information on what PPI claims are all about, and some interesting information that might tell you if you are able to claim.

Further Services

One area that Mapleleaf Financial can help you with is in claiming back PPI that was owed to a deceased relative. This is a difficult area of the claims process, and one that you need a professional to handle for you. They can also help with claims regarding rejected PPI claims, and will be able to claim back money owed from before you entered into an IVA.

The benefit of having a professional handle your claim for you lies in the fact you don’t need to do any more than provide the basic initial information. Once you have given them this, you are able to sit back and wait, and see if they can claim back money you may be owed from mis-sold PPI policies.

It’s certainly worth filling in the online form at their website, so take a few minutes now and put your claim into action right away.