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Truck Insurance

You may save a great deal of time and money if you go with a specialist truck insurance broker for your policy. A broker will be able to compare policies, helping you to ensure that you get adequate insurance for a competitive premium.

So what protection might you need for your business? Here are the different types of cover related to insurance for your truck business.

Comprehensive insurance vs third party insurance

At the very least you are going to need third party insurance. This is the least amount of insurance you need to drive on the road in your truck legally. However, the insurance provides protection only if you are in an accident that was caused by a third party. For the majority of businesses this isn’t adequate.

There is also third party, fire and theft insurance. This policy is a step up from the one above as it offers cover in the event of your truck being stolen or damaged/destroyed by fire.

Finally there is comprehensive truck insurance. This policy provides the most comprehensive insurance for your truck and offers greater peace of mind and covers a wide variety of aspects.

Other types of insurance to consider

There are also many others types of insurance you might want to consider when looking for truck insurance for your business. These generally include:

  • goods in transit;
  • public liability;
  • legal fees;
  • breakdown;
  • European insurance.

Goods in transit protects the goods and content of your trucks

An important aspect to consider as part of insurance for your trucks, if you carry goods, is goods in transit.

If you are carrying goods your truck may hold a lot of value inside. The contents of your truck may be stolen; they may be damaged or spoiled while in your care. With this type of insurance the contents are generally protected so you would not lose out financially. Facts about goods in transit insurance include:

  • UK and European CMR conditions and UK RHA conditions;
  • protection for all risks for goods in transit;
  • freight liability insurance;
  • cover for PDA in the truck;
  • protection for commercial and domestic furniture removal;
  • marine cargo;
  • trailer cover;
  • own goods.

Public liability insurance

Having liability insurance should be considered essential. This type of protection safeguards you as the business owner against an employee or member of the public being injured or worse.

A liability claim can be devastating to your business and in the worst case scenario it may end up being such a financial burden that it costs you your business.

Legal fee protection

As mentioned above, if you have a liability claim against you, you are going to need legal representation. Legal fees may end up costing many thousands of pounds, so legal fee protection may be a godsend if needed.

Breakdown insurance

Breakdown insurance as the name suggests comes into play in the event of you breaking down in your truck.

European protection

If, as part of your business you take your truck into Europe, then you are going to need European insurance to drive legally on the roads.

As there are many different aspects to truck insurance it may make sense to apply for insurance quotes with an insurance provider who specialises in HGV insurance. This way you will get access to the most competitive premiums, along with a comprehensive insurance policy that is adequate for the needs of your business.

Benefits to taking out insurance online

There are many benefits to taking out an insurance policy online with a specialist broker. These include:

  • obtaining a policy that is adequate for your needs;
  • getting cover for a variety of different types of trucks;
  • obtaining a quote fast and easy, often with just one click of a button;
  • gaining easy access to a claim line and advice 24 hours a day;
  • easy access to insurance documents.

Truck insurance is an essential product to have in your corner, not to mention a legal requirement. However, coverage and quotes differ so it may pay to look for insurance with a specialist provider.