Find the Perfect Finance Job for Your Skills and Personality

May 22, 2015


You might think that looking for a new job is one of the most stressful things you could do. Yet this is something that you can make a lot easier through a few simple steps.

The most sensible thing you could do is to start off the job seeking process by considering which jobs are most suitable for your skills and personality. If we take the example of the finance industry then it is clear that this is an approach that will make life a lot easier for you.

Personal Skills and a Sales Drive

Do you feel that you are good with numbers but are also skilled at speaking to people? This is an excellent combination for a job seeker and it is even better if you also have a sales drive that you can bring to the job. Lots of companies look for this mix of skills for their sales consultants and adviser. Your financial skills mean that you can probably work with any sort of financial product, such as insurance, pensions or mortgages. People skills and sales ability can also be moved across to just about any type of role too. If you can bring both of these things to the job application process then you should have a range of jobs to choose from. This type of job can also stay fresh and interesting for a long time, because you have the sales challenge as well as the number crunching aspect.

Great Analytical Skills

If your strength comes with your good analytical skills then you will want to take advantage of this. This means looking for jobs where you can go over the numbers in detail and find the hidden meaning behind them. There are plenty of jobs like this around, from insurance underwriters to pension actuaries. A classic way of using this ability is through bookkeeping jobs. You need a keen eye for figures for this role and you also need to be extremely thorough in everything that you do. If you have this combination of skills then you can make a good career out of them while enjoying the challenge of analysing the figures that come your way.

Customer Service Skills

Maybe what you most enjoy is providing a high level of customer service. This is great news, because there are a lot of finance jobs that also have a customer service aspect to them. You might find yourself advising on loans, dealing with a third party company’s accounts or just helping someone to understand their monthly bills. There is a great feeling to be had from working out complex figures and then helping someone else to understand what it means to them. This is one terrific way of putting your financial knowledge to good use. Of course, it also requires the ability to put complex issues into plain, everyday language that anyone could understand. If you get a job like this then it is a lot of responsibility, which can make it a whole lot of fun as well.

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