How Half Hourly Meters Can Help You Save

February 12, 2015

picA half hourly meter is a device that allows you to track the consumption of energy at your business. Every 30 minutes, it records how much you have used, and those numbers are then recorded and passed along to the business that provides your energy in the first place. Other meters are not checked on such a regular basis, so you could just be looking at daily rates or monthly rates. These ones give you more of an ability to track the consumption in real time, and you can pick a plan that matches your consumption rates.

Setting Goals

So, how does all of this help you start saving money with half hourly meters? While, the usage for all forms of energy – electricity, propane, natural gas and the like – will be charted out together, so you can easily flip through all of the data. This allows you to see where you are doing well and where your company could use some work. You can set goals and target the areas where the most substantial difference can be made. For instance, your use of electricity may be great thanks to LED light bulbs that you’ve installed, but you may be using far too much propane, so you know to take steps to improve your heating system, not your lights.

Another benefit of this is that applications can be used to actively set goals, which you can then track your progress against. Since so much data is being used, you can see if you are right on schedule, 10 percent over your goal, 15 percent behind the target, or anything else. This way, you can alter your routine when you see that you’re not meeting the goals. This also makes you more aware of how your money is being spent.

The goal can be specific to one type of energy. For instance, you could decide to cut gas consumption by ten percent over the next year. If you cut it by only eight percent, the charts will show you that you’re moving in the right direction, but they’ll also show you that additional effort is needed.

Monitoring Makes You More Likely to Save

Everyone wants to save money. However, despite this universal appeal, most business owners waste it every week, compared to what they could be saving. Why is it that people don’t stick to what they clearly desire?

In a lot of ways, the reason is a lack of monitoring. When you don’t keep an eye on what is being spent and what is being used, you forget about it. You leave the lights on when you leave the room because you have other things on your mind, or you forget to set the thermostat to a lower level on your way out the door at the end of the day. Constant monitoring and half hourly meters may seem like overkill, but the reality is that this knowledge makes you more likely to save by keeping it fresh in your mind.

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