How to Achieve a Quick Sale on Your Home

January 27, 2015

How to Achieve a Quick Sale on Your HomeAlthough we’d all like the luxury of selling our home for the highest possible price, sometimes the speed of a sale must take precedence over the amount that you achieve. If you’ve reached the end of the line financially, it might be that selling your home is the only thing lying between you and bankruptcy. This makes it absolutely essential to ensure that your home has the potential to lure in buyers – and quickly.

But how do you get those offers rolling? Here are a few quick tips for securing a speedy sale…

Tip One: Price It Right

Many sellers still believe that asking for a higher initial price than they’re looking to achieve will help to increase their profits; the unfortunate truth is that it won’t. We’re living in a buyers’ market, and buyers are not willing to pay over the odds, or even on the odds a lot of the time. Everyone is looking for a bargain, and with the surplus of houses for sale they know that they can get one. If you’re looking for a quick sale, the best thing to do is save some time on negotiating and price your home at the value you’re looking to achieve. If people are willing to pay, you’ll find out much more quickly; if they’re not, it might still be worth sacrificing a few thousands pounds to save yourself from financial ruin in the long run.

Tip Two: First Appearances are Everything

First appearances really do matter; they set the tone for a whole viewing. If people don’t like what they see on the outside, they’re going to be reluctant to ring up and arrange a visit in the first place. You won’t sell your house unless you can get people through the door, so invest in new sod, flowers, and a fresh coat of paint for your front door and mailbox. The quicker you can get some viewings arranged, the quicker you’ll sell your property.

Tip Three: Update the Interior

Most buyers don’t relish the thought of having to completely overhaul a property in order to move in. Even if they’re up for a challenge, chances are they’ll take a lot longer considering whether your property is the project they want than buyers who can move in straight away. This means that it’s really important to ensure that your home is up-to-date and ready to go. Even if finances are tight, a lick of paint, some new throws, and a few color coordinated features will go a long way towards making the whole property look better maintained than shabby furnishings and peeling wallpaper.

Tip Four: Be Flexible with Viewings

You’re not going to sell your property until you get people coming through the door. Bear in mind that you need this sale more than your buyers, so make sure that you’re flexible when it comes to arranging viewings. Most people will work during the days, so be prepared to show potentially interested parties around early in the morning, at night, and on weekends, even at short notice. The sooner you get your buyer through the door, the sooner you can have your money in the bank.

Tip Five: Consider a Quick Sale Company

However hard you work at improving your property and being accommodating, it’s important to be realistic. House sales can take months from start to finish, and if you need a guaranteed cash installment in your bank immediately, it might be worth approaching a quick sale company like House Buyer Bureau, who can ensure that there’s money in your account within just seven days of being approached.