Important Legal Considerations When Choosing a Business Premises

September 24, 2015

When you’re choosing your business premises, you’ll need to take a wide array of legal matters into account if you’re to remain protected. It’s best to talk to an experienced lawyer concerning your own needs before you even begin looking for a suitable location, but this guide will provide you with an overall picture of what you’ll be responsible for and what you’ll need to take into account.

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that the property which you’re looking at allows for your particular type of business. If you need to extend or build you will require planning permission, and certain locations may place restrictions upon noise and pollution levels, as well as the times when deliveries are allowed. Fines can be steep, and it is often impossible to circumvent such constraints, so make sure you understand these kinds of legally-enforceable restrictions.

Stamp duty will be payable on commercial leases and you will probably be entitled to business rates. However, these may be paid by the landlord in some rented premises, so make sure you understand exactly what your responsibilities will be.

Once you have secured an appropriate building in a fitting area, you will need to comply with building, fire, and health and safety regulations. Any business with five or more employees requires a written health and safety policy, and you must ensure that a suitable working environment is provided.

Certain products require a licence to sell, so you’ll need to make certain that these are all in order before you begin trading, or else risk a hefty fine. You will also need to understand all lease and licence agreements. Finally, it is your legal responsibility to make your premises accessible to the disabled.

There is clearly a lot to be considered when you’re selecting and fitting out a business premises, which is why it always pays to take advantage of the services of a professional. Already familiar with all the relevant legal information, they’ll be able to make each process easier while ensuring that you never inadvertently break the law.