Innovative Storage Solutions for Small Business Owners

September 30, 2015

Despite controversy surrounding the market, the crowdfunding sector represents big business and grew by a staggering 420% last year. This highlights the proliferation of small and independent business ventures in the UK, each of which is powered by increasingly innovative and flexible funding channels. While gaining investment is one thing, however, entrepreneurs must also consider a myriad of factors when launching their brand new start-up.

Innovative Storage Options for your Venture? 

One of the key considerations is storage, as business start-ups must create a viable and cost-effective venture that minimises overheads. They must therefore explore innovative solutions that help them to achieve these goals, including the following: – 

The Concept of Mobile Storage 

Mobile storage is a popular concept in modern business, as it is incredibly flexible and can help you to drive down costs. There are a number of providers that offer single, mobile units, and these offer two significant advantages. Firstly, they can be hired on a rolling basis, so you only ever invest in storage for the precise amount of time that it is required. Secondly, these units can be transported according to your needs, reducing the amount of units that you need as your business expands.

Utilise the space in your Vehicles 

On the subject of mobile storage, it is also imperative that business owners optimise the existing space at their disposal. If you own a commercial fleet of vans, for example, you can use the space in these vehicles as mobile storage that adds value and flexibility to your business operation. This endeavour is aided by the diversification of vans in recent times, with a wider array of sizes and styles available on the modern market. Visit the AA Cars website to compare this market, while also optimising fittings such as shelves, racking and pallets.

Rent rather than Buy Warehouse Space 

Initially, you may be inclined to invest in a small warehouse space as your business grows. For those with an initially small operation, however, this is likely to be an expansive cost that does not necessarily deliver a significant return. With this in mind, it may be more cost-effective for you to rent the required amount of warehouse space from an existing firm, as this can be sourced on a cheaper basis while also enabling you to operate an efficient business venture.