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Introducing Broker in Asian Market

April 6, 2018


An introducing broker refers to a brokerage firm that works hand in hand with the client while Future Commission Merchants provide trading platforms for clients to place trades. Introducing broker and Future Commission Merchant therefore work hand in hand.

Introducing broker uses advertising skills to connect with clients as they delegate execution of trade to futures commission merchant. They bring connections between investors and companies by introducing new customers to the business.

Juno markets is an Asian Forex broker operating on a straight through processing model. It includes features such as 45 FX and EAs tradable across platforms such as MT4 and MT5. It works different programs such as Introducing Broker and white label.

Types of Introducing Broker

There are different kinds of introducing brokers such as:

  • One person operations
  • Large businesses
  • Multi location businesses

Opportunities from introducing brokers network

1. Data analysis

This program uses dashboards for forex Etx traders to report and analyze data for monitoring of a business. Conversion rates are provided to analyze data. Technical analysis of daily markets are also incorporated in introducing brokers’ network.

2. Commission Schedules and Rebates

Introducing broker program has commission schedules used to monitor revenues. Forex introducing brokers get about 15% commissions for each trade from partners at different platforms. Commissions are paid directly to the introducing broker trading platforms. This commission is divided between introducing broker and futures commission merchant.

3. Promotional material

Introducing broker program uses banners and widgets for marketing as well as educational materials relevant to trading. News on trading activities and research is used in this program.

4. Marketing support

This program has a back office system that includes customized online support and system monitoring services for client management. Automated companion portals help to tract clients’ online accounts. Partner portals update traders on latest commission payments.

5. Trading tools

Trading tools such as MT4 Hub configuration tools monetize business and are applied to manage business campaigns. Trading tools in introducing broker tools support customers’ expectations.

Introducing broker network has different sub accounts all under one master account. Forex Etx traders carry out different activities from one account. Individual sub- accounts are closed from individual broker program.

6. Worldwide Market

Execution across worldwide markets helps clients trade Forex Etx and CFDs. Introducing broker network incorporates manual trading, automated trading and copy trading for forex traders to trade stocks futures and options

7. Training

Expert advisors are used in this introducing broker programs with trading strategies for business as well as affiliation expertise.

8. Managerial Rights

Managerial rights such multi account manager access is provided to individual brokers. Events hosting prominent traders are provided to introducing brokers to gain exposure to new opportunities creation new trading networks

9. Tailored Bonus Program

Bonus programs are provided to Introducing brokers’ networks to improve revenue generation in forex Etx trading.

10. Demo accounts

Automated demo accounts with tools of research are used in introducing brokers programs. Risk management skills and charts for trading are found in demo accounts. Introducing brokers program do not require upfront investment for forex Etx trading.

Benefits of introducing Broker network to customers
a) Global Influence

Introducing brokers have a global influence that brings development of businesses. Creation of worldwide networks improves trading exposure.

b) International Reach

Introducing broker’s network opens different markets due to an international reach. The growth of businesses is achieved through introducing brokers’ network.

c) Community tools

Services and tools such as trading signals, money management skills, and charting software help in analyzing markets for widening the scope to customers.

d) Talent

Introducing brokers network have set up processes and systems to run trading businesses. They recruit sub introducing brokers adding greater talent from diverse experts to expand the networks.

e) Customer support

Introducing brokers’ network offers a 24 hour customer support with sections for customers’ queries and deposits.  They focus on sustaining customer’s needs offering customer care segments for clients. Introducing brokers provide leverage to customers.