Keeping fleet management costs down with GPS tracking technology

December 17, 2015

Cutting down costs for fleet management with GPS tracking devices

Save Fleet Management

Lowering your overhead is absolutely vital for any fleet manager. Operating costs can take a huge amount out of your potential profits, taking money right out of your business. We’ve seen many managers almost completely unaware of where they are overspending and how they can save money. We believe that knowing exactly where the problems lie within your business is a vital first step when it comes to cutting down costs and improving profits.

In the modern day, there’s plenty of different ways to observe what’s going on in your business, with a few different tools for fleet management letting you check on the different vehicles in your fleet. We’ve recently found a system that works out being a fair bit cheaper than most of the other options around, while still having features that let you keep a close eye on various parts of fleet performance.

The CanTrack GPS Tracking Device works in the same sort of way as most fleet management tools – once it’s set up you can monitor vehicle performance through computer software. From the start, there’s a couple of changes from the standard. It’s pretty clear that the CanTrack GPS tracker was built for savings, plugging into the dashboard rather than using any internal wiring, so there’s no cost there. While that does mean that the tracker can’t really protect vehicles, CanTrack makes it pretty clear that their GPS tracking tool is designed for fleet monitoring while on the job rather than pushing a security angle.

As a basic feature, the CanTrack GPS tracker lets you get a quick look at locations and movement across your fleet, with a few grouping options designed for larger fleets. The included software lets you check a few different factors, determining areas for improvement with fairly convenient data analysis.

The basic CanTrack GPS Tracking unit gives you enough to start out having a look at problem areas within your fleet, and costs £99/unit with an annual subscription of £67. We also checked out an advanced option CanTrack offers at £12/year. The Driver Behaviour Reporting toolset is a pretty innovative feature, giving you a visual representation of individual driver performance all broken down into a few different sections.

While the additional expense of the feature will put some off, the driver behaviour toolset gives a detailed and intuitive enough picture of fleet performance that we think it’s worth it. Most fleet management tools just give you enough information to realise that there is a problem, while this lets you actually see specific areas for improvement and monitor them over time. While it’s always going to be difficult to look over the performance of a particularly large fleet, the system’s been set up to provide a simple summary at a glance, so it doesn’t get unwieldy to look through.


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