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Money-Saving Tips for Keeping Your Car on the Road

January 30, 2020

As anyone who has been driving for some time will know, you need to look after your car properly, to ensure it will run efficiently and stay on the road. If you don’t, then you could face breakdown after breakdown and incredibly expensive repairs. It’s good to know though, that car maintenance needn’t be a particularly expensive thing. There are many maintenance checks and jobs you can do for your car that can save you money in the long run.

Check the Car’s Fluids

Your car needs a lot of different fluids to run smoothly. Aside from the obvious – the fuel, you also need to make sure the brake fluids, transmission fluids, coolant, and oil are at their recommended levels according to your car manual. The oil is important as this helps to keep all the intricately connected moving parts of the engine lubricated. The lubrication is important as it stops there from being any friction or issues with these moving parts which could lead to them overheating and burning out the engine. One great place to use for topping up your oil levels is

If there are low oil levels, it could be the sign of a leak or if the oil seems dirty when you pull out the dipstick to check it. Whereas low levels of coolant could be indicative of a leaky head gasket or radiator, which could also lead to overheating. Low brake fluids could mean the brakes fail and you have an accident.

Don’t Dismiss the Check Engine and Other Warning Lights

Are you in the habit of dismissing the warning lights on the dash? Perhaps you were in a rush one day when they first flashed and because the car seemed to run fine, you just ignored it and then just kept ignoring it. These lights are important, and you need to heed their warnings. It could just be something as small as a misfiring spark plug or loose gas cap, but it could also be the sign of something more dangerous or at the very least, expensive if you leave it too long. So, don’t.

Tire Maintenance

Tires are often overlooked by car owners and taken for granted. However, tires are the part of the car that touches the ground you are traveling over. Issues like underinflated or worn-out tires can reduce the stopping distance of your car when you brake and if your tires are not properly aligned, they will wear out unevenly. Simply put, if you want your car to stay roadworthy and to run smoothly, you need to make sure the tire pressure is correct and that the treads and other parts of the tire are in good condition.

Be Aware of Any New Noises

Cars are noisy machines. This much is true. However, as a car owner, you get used to the noises your vehicle makes. If your car starts making some strange noises you haven’t heard before, you should not ignore them. The sound of metal grinding against grinding, creaks and squeaks could be the sign that something is wrong. So, take it to your local mechanic the moment you suspect there is a problem.

The sooner you catch these, the less expensive the repairs are likely to be.