Neil Emilfarb & Stratex Supporting Open Market Transitions of a small European State

October 13, 2015


A US investor of Uzbekistan descent, Neil Emilfarb, along with his investment group Stratex, invested over a one hundred and fifty million of USD in the development of the small European country called Montenegro, helping its government to execute a successful transition to an open market.

A former member of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Montenegro has been a sovereign state for more than a decade now, with its economy mainly concentrated on tourism, which is proven to be a lucrative industry in this area. Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, this small country has been a favorite destination of celebrities and political representatives for decades.

Investments like Porto Montenegro encouraged Neil Emilfarb to put significant funds into the development of this small country. He recognized the return potential of this coastal state relying on the following factors:

  • It is located at the very heart of the Europe, and no matter where you are, London, Paris, Rome – you are able to reach Montenegro within three hours.
  • The government supports and backs investors with tax refunds and discounts.
  • The country’s officials have reported a significant and steady increase in tourist visitations over the past decade
  • The local population is well educated and a great majority of it speaks the English language.
  • Marinas of the Montenegro are already famous among yacht owners, and this destination is extremely popular

On the 1st of July 2015, the company Stratex opened a luxury real estate complex, called the Dukley Gardens. This residential area is consisted of more than 200 apartments, penthouses and villas. There is also a private beach access within the complex, as well as tennis courts, golf courts, restaurants and a lounge bar. All facilities are meeting high standards including the latest security systems, 24 hours of maintenance service available, all apartments are designed eco-friendly and no matter what apartment or place of residence a homeowner chooses, the view is always concentrated on the Budva bay.

This investment encouraged other investors as well, and Dukley hotel will be open for business as well starting from the next season. The government of Montenegro is reporting the highest numbers of visitations thus far, and this is the perfect example how a smart investment can benefit all of the involved.

If you are interested in executing something similar, or if you are simply curious about the process that made this particular investment possible, you can start your reading here. Mr. Neil Emilfarb announced that he is going to continue to invest in the country of Montenegro, and that he will also make his personal mission to help others expand on this market as well, which will help the local population, the Montenegrin government, and will be a profitable venture at the same time.