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May 26, 2015


Improving a home or even building a new one seems to be the privilege of few chosen people these days. With the unsteady economic situation and blurred business perspective, people try to make the ends meet. Most of us don’t even think about more demanding and costlier home renovations. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Thanks to inOne Homes Company, renewing a home isn’t an unreachable thing anymore.

Our name is derived from our vision that home decoration and creation should be thought of as a holistic process. With our team of well-educated and highly experienced constructors, we assure you that anything you come up with could be turned in to reality in your home. We often repeat that we believe that productive and efficient environments and spaces have to carry a sort of intuitive form and function. It is our policy to keep every home in harmony with its surroundings. So, the unity of the home inside functionality and its compatibility with the outside setting form our in-one approach.

Opting for inOne Homes Company gives our clients dozens of home-improvement services.

  • Firstly, we take responsibility of the whole design and/or building process. No matter if you have bought an older, neglected place, or you want to make a new house from scratch, our builders, designers and architects will do their best to follow your space visions and also advise you with some original ideas.
  • Secondly, we do extensions of already existing homes. For instance, adding more floors to a house or in-the-yard extensions are also within our expertise.
  • Finally, we don’t only remake houses, but we also cover a wide range of around-the-house works, such as building pergolas, granny flats, different entertainment sections in the backyard and many other construction tasks.

The great thing is that the more things you decide to change at once, the better overall result you will get. And let’s not forget about the great pricing that you can offer you if you decide to go for wide-scale renovation.

Speaking of pricing, we can proudly say that our services are the most affordable ones in Sydney and its surrounding area. Our mission is delivering construction and home design services at reasonable rates. The center of our work is the client. Our greatest pride is when we hear that somebody heard about us by the word of mouth. That means that our efforts to approach every client on a personal level have been successful. Beside that, our economists always make special estimates to give the best offer when we are asked to do several different works in one family (or any other) home.

After years of work and experience, inOne Homes remains the leading construction and interior design company in Sydney. In the coming years, we are going to keep introducing cutting-edge technological innovations to give our business an even more distinguished touch. With our remarkable staff and results that speak for themselves, we assure you that inOne Homes will stay on the pedestal of home-improvement in New South Wales.