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Positive Business Outlooks – How a Stunning View Can Inspire Your Team

May 9, 2017

At some point in their lives, most people have found themselves heading to work in an office which they don’t like. While we’ve all got to make compromises to survive, you have a right to expect a work environment which is inspiring. In fact, a large proportion of entrepreneurs eventually decide to take the plunge and start their own businesses precisely because they are working in drab, uncomfortable spaces.

So, the power of a beautiful office, in a great location should not be underestimated. If you want to motivate your team and build a strong brand, look for a home in a place that takes your breath away. Without a doubt, Indonesia is one such place. This lush, tropical paradise is a haven for tech start-ups because the market is hungry for new products. Start a business here and your time in the office will always be inspiring.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of working in a picturesque location like Indonesia.

Increased Productivity

The old belief that only money can motivate employees is not so popular these days because it disregards the very human desire to create and construct. Yes, jobs have a purpose and most people only work because they must, but it doesn’t mean that their role holds no personal importance for them. Studies have shown that money is not the only way to motivate.

When people work in a visually stimulating location, their productivity increases. Servcorp Executive Suites are a great example, because they place businesses in central Jakarta. Every day that an employee comes into work, the warm weather, colourful neighbourhoods, and friendly locals have an uplifting impact. When you care about your office, you work harder.

Exposure to Nature

There are plenty of benefits to working in New York, London, Sydney or one of the other major cities, but there are also some big downsides. In fact, lots of entrepreneurs are leaving these old business hubs and flocking to new opportunities in alternative markets. Indonesia is one of these markets because it has a robust infrastructure but it isn’t as built up as New York.

There are green spaces everywhere. There is room to breathe and grow. Not only that, but the weather is warm and the natural sunlight keeps people feeling energised for longer. When businesses step out of the shadow of a metropolis and move to somewhere with a stronger connection to nature, their employees are the ones who benefit.

Caring For Your Team

It is important to remember that, even with the most sophisticated tech and tools in the world, you cannot run a business without the support of a good team. When your employees are happy and fulfilled, they’ll work harder and drive the company forward. So, it is worth keeping them in mind when choosing a location for your office.

Jakarta is a wonderful choice for all of the reasons mentioned above. However, it is also appealing because it is home to a number of highly flexible serviced providers. These vendors offer short and long-term office leases with one flat rate fee. All costs are consolidated. Utility and maintenance bills are taken care of as part of the monthly premium.

Why It Is Worth Investing In an Inspiring Location

If you’re looking to launch a new business or relocate an existing one, it is worth thinking outside the box and considering some alternative markets. Rent prices are cheaper in Southeast East than they are in the US or Europe. Plus, the locals are friendly, the scenery is spectacular, and consumers are eager to try new products. It is easy to find a great spot in Indonesia because the serviced offices in the capital city provide all the resources you need.