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Quality POS and Payment Solutions

February 27, 2017


Quality POS and Payment Solutions

The world of retail has moved on in line with developments in technology, and these days, cash is becoming the second most popular form of payment. Just about everyone carries a debit or credit card, and with the advent of Near Field Communication – that’s the technology used for swiping to pay – there is absolutely no doubt you need to be able to take card payments. It has also been proven that people will likely spend as much as 20% more when paying by card, so if you have a shop or other face to face service, you cannot afford not to take cards.

You may be thinking that it is expensive to start taking card payments, but if you check out the solutions available from we think you will be pleasantly surprised. They supply a wide variety of card payment systems and point of sale solutions, and many satisfied customers have already taken advantage of their excellent rates and quality service. You will find their friendly, helpful team to be on the ball with everything you need to know, and they are worth talking to for the best advice on the right system for you.

Clover POS Solutions

While Merchant Account Solutions provide a wide range of POS solutions and systems, they are very proud of the tablet based options. These offer versatility and reliability – as well as being extremely efficient and surprisingly affordable – and will instantly make things easier for your team and for the customer. Take a look at the Clover POS system, for example: this cleverly designed and impressively efficient system is a tried and tested device, and works via a tablet interface.

You will be able to link many hand-held devices to the system thanks to four USB ports, so you can increase efficiency and sales throughout your operation. It’s quick, simple to use and saves you time instantly. You can talk to one of the team at Merchant Account Solutions and learn more about their range of products and they will be more than happy to help.

Free Credit Card Machine

If you are new to taking card payments, don’t worry; Merchant Account Solutions can provide you with the perfect system for your needs, and they will even supply a free credit card machine for you to start taking payments straight away. They have sensible rates, too, so you will not be out of pocket, and with the extra sales generated by using cards, your business will soon see turnover rise beyond expectations.

In the 21st century you really cannot be without card payment solutions, so you need to talk to these people right away so that you can get up and running as soon as possible. If you need to know more about card payments and up to the minute POS solutions, talk to the team at Merchant Account Solutions now, and you will soon find your life and that of your customers is so much easier!