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Reducing Your Energy Bills This Winter

December 16, 2016




It’s not always easy to keep costs low during the winter, thankfully we have a short list on how you can save money all year round.

  1. Have your boiler serviced.

A boiler service can save you a ton of hassle for a few reasons. Firstly, a yearly service can help you find any issues that’s stopping your boiler run as efficiently as possible. For example, a minor leakage can stop efficient water flow that is costing you money on your energy bills. Heating accounts for around 60% of what you spend a year on household bills and so it’s important that your boiler is working correctly as to avoid spending anymore than what is necessary. There are lots of businesses that can offer a boiler servicing such as Aquaheat who are boiler maintenance experts from as low as £55 throughout the Leeds and Wakefield area.

  1. Invest in new appliances.

If any of your current appliances are knocking on a few years and need replacing you can save quite a bit of money by choosing the right appliance. This can be done by choosing a more energy efficient appliance that doesn’t have as much of a strain on your electricity. Choosing the right washing machine or tumble dryer can save anywhere between £70 and £80 on your annual bill.

  1. Energy efficient composite doors.

Doors in your house are one of the main places that heat is lost through and the material of the door can greatly affect the amount of heat they let out. With a composite door, you can minimise this heat loss and save money on your energy bill at the same time. This is achieved through their high performance insulating core that is made up of high density CFC-free PV foam, which is also environmentally friendly. Composite doors are proven to be 19% more thermally efficient than the 48mm solid timber core composite door and 17% more efficient than the 44mm traditional timber panelled door. The photos below compare thermal images of heat loss across three doors, the green and red represent heat loss.


  1. Think smart and use less over the winter!

As simple as it may be, there are lots of small tasks over the winter that can be done to save on electricity through daily little things that eventually add up. Wearing more layers around the house is a simple step you can take to avoid turning on the fire or turning up the heat around winter. If you are turning on the fire, make sure the fire is regularly checked by a chimney sweep and is running as efficient as it should. Turning off lights when you leave rooms, turn off appliances such as televisions and computers at the plug socket and only boil as much water as what you need. All of these smaller things can be done quite easily and help to save a bit of money over the year on your energy bill.

  1. Heat loss through garage doors.

Garage doors are another way that you can lose heat from your house. Garages are one of the biggest culprits for heat loss in your house and so it is important that your garage door is energy efficient and can hold in heat. A new garage door can prove to be a good investment as it helps to trap in heat and save you money on your energy bills.