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Should I Be Participating In The Forex Market?

January 20, 2016


Many people are intrigued with the idea of “making a score”. They consider participating in Forex investment because they heard it’s one of the best financial tools to earn large sums in short periods of time. If you are one of those people, do yourself and favor and don’t think about participating in one of the world’s most speculative markets. Truth to be told, there’s a fine line between gambling and leveraged forex trading.

Traditionally, forex companies were dealing with international large scale corporates. These corporates would seek to mitigate FX related risks, via various financial derivatives and options.

Retail forex brokerages like FXTM or are completely different in essence. As opposed to corporate FX that was built to address real life problems, retail forex simply enables investors to speculate on the market and nothing more.

Many of the executives in forex companies that were established over the last decade came from the online gambling industry.

Making a profit in forex trading requires somewhat of a similar skillset to the one of a professional punter or skill gamer.  Here are the most pivotal characteristics:

Research: Learning the ins and outs of the world’s largest market requires time, patience, and self-learning capabilities.

Peace of Mind: High risk induces high pressure. It would be impossible for anyone to operate properly through this without having a very peaceful and calm nature. Things are exceptionally tough, both mentally and financially, when a trader is a losing streak.

Persistence: If you are going to become a forex trader, you will have to withstand constant burst of de-motivation. Losing money, together with non-supportive environment will make most people break and quit.

Skill: Eventually, in order to succeed, you will have to be able to predict currency movements to a certain degree, or at least develop a certain strategic methodology.

Frugalness: Choosing the right brokerage and haggling about your terms will definitely improve your chances of profitability. Even the best traders in the world aren’t always right. So minimizing your losses and receiving bigger wins makes a huge difference over the course of time.

Not Being A Risk-Taker: Though this may sound counterintuitive to Forex trading, people who enjoy taking risks aren’t suited for it. The simple truth is that people who enjoy the thrill of gambling will usually end up diverting from their original plan and against rationalism.

There’s no reason to think about entering the ultra-competitive and ultra-risky domain of Forex trading without possessing at least most of the qualities described above.