Small Business Finance Management Guide

April 23, 2015

picCompared to large enterprises, small businesses have several advantages that could be used for building stable relationships with consumers. Namely, independence allows you to try a new approach, test new markets, you can be inventive and test your theories, which works in your benefit because large corporations are all based on experience and proven profitability and you have to work hard and struggle to get your ideas noticed.  Flexibility will certainly help you to be more productive, some of us simply don’t function very well under pressure and strict rules.

Current research actually shows that consumers generally prefer buying service and products from small businesses than from large enterprises. This hardly comes as a surprise given that people simply recognize passion and appreciate it, which is why most consumers want to stand out and identify themselves with something that is unique and high in quality. Big companies lose their customers because they fail to approach them on the personal level, something a small business owner is best at, being straightforward involved with a consumer, connecting with them personally, is what is making a long-term profit.

Having all this in mind, there is just one thing that can keep you from sustaining your successful small business profitable, a lack of finance management. If you are a small business owner, and you do provide a good service or you have a great product, a distance between you now and your future profitable company can be crossed only with a good plan and serious consistency. Here is where you should start.


First of all, you do want to consult with experts, get an opinion from valid sources, but if this is your business, you are the one who has to be involved on a daily basis. Not a single soul in this world can help you more than you can. You have to keep track of every expense, see how you can make it smaller in a long-term. Make a plan for the future and not just “it is going to happen” plan, have a precise date and achievement that you need to fulfill. Always plan for expansion, make your goals high and you will reach higher. Keep in mind that in any given moment, in any way possible, you have to make a profit. Sounds hard, almost impossible, but with proper organization and determination it is achievable. Take a look at some useful ideas for further budget planning.


This is how you track your expenses, and this is how will you help yourself. This is your guide book that you have to consult to on a daily level, then in a matter of a week, a month, a season and so on. You have to learn from your own mistakes and keep track of the patterns. Exploit those patterns and make them work in your benefit. Do not mix your personal account with your business account; you need to keep your business strictly just business. We are way past time when we needed a reliable book accountant on payroll, modern day software will provide you with reliability and precision and you can keep it in your pocket so that you can always consult it. The software makes it easier for you to remind you what do you need to keep track of, and it will compare the results for you and help you save time. One thing it can’t do for you, it cannot type the numbers in by itself so you have to have a system for tracking sales and deposit.

Keep your cash flow on a record as well; this is extremely important when it comes to setting goals for sales and future planning. See what profit is and what is loss, how can you increase one and cut the other. When you subtract the costs of the goods from sales and minus the overhead, what is left for you? How can you enhance that number? What steps are necessary to be made and again, how are they proving themselves efficient? The key is in the comparison of results and proper evaluation plus determination.

Business Financing

The first thing everybody thinks of when it comes to business financing is a loan. If you have a good credit score, equity contribution that will show that your intentions are serious and that you have a repayment ability, you qualify for a bank loan. We are all well-aware that this sword cuts both ways, and that getting a loan from a bank includes a certain degree of risk as well. The trick, which you will be forced to learn to handle the rates and debts, is that you have to have a business plan that is bulletproof. Know what you can afford and what you cannot, check your credit report regularly and have an option for when everything goes bad. Be prepared for the worst and work the best that you can.

Other side of the small business financing is perhaps a much better option. There are companies that will help you financially, and guide you through every step of the way of achieving your own goals. Investors that are aware of the benefits and potential profit of the small business, and they have an actual interest that you do succeed and keep developing. This is especially important if you decide to start expanding abroad, in which case you’ll need to check the resources on how to set up a company in a specific country. This is again a scenario that might require you to collaborate with local companies, which will keep you informed on all the relevant issues related to setting up a bank account, tax registration, etc. These companies provide you with experts, market research, and with their help constantly on the role you might just build an empire from your small business. All you need to do is to have a good idea and a respectable service.

All serious talk aside, with the state of the economy, global poverty and big companies caring less and less for an average consumer, this is a great period for starting a small business. Provide a service, offer a product, and you will see that hard times build future kings.