The Biggest Enemy to Leadership

May 29, 2019 by admin in Business, Tips


Since the beginning of time, there have been astute individuals who have lead countries, businesses, and soldiers into battles. As long as people are willing to follow others, there will be leaders to take the reins and move society forward. Leaders come in various forms and can captivate an audience for an extended period. Individual leaders lead others from the shadows and can go completely unnoticed. The most common type of leader involves an individual who leads a movement on a massive scale and becomes a public figure. People such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. come to mind when thinking of leaders who will live on forever. When it comes to being a fruitful endeavor in any area, remaining cautious of the human’s biggest enemy is critical. Successful leaders such as Keith Krach, have been able to avoid the human instinct to default to selfish thinking.

Checking Your Ego at the Door

When you think of a leader, it is likely you think of someone worth admiring. They demonstrate positive attributes that many people lack and minimize potential faults. One thing that many successful leaders can do involves silencing the voice of the ego. Leaders who are ego-driven have the potential of becoming potential tyrants depending on the influence gained. One can turn attention to individuals like Adolf Hitler as the most common example of this type of behavior. The ego can consume individuals with hunger for more, and this insatiable desire can derail even the best leaders. If you are someone who holds a position of power, it is wise to understand why you took this position in the first place.

Similarly to most leaders with good intentions, you most likely took or will take a position of power to provide insight to those in need. People who have the best interest of other’s at heart are predictable in the sense of being reliable leaders. The type of leader you see yourself becoming could be different from the intentions deeply rooted in the ego. Egos have the power to entirely corrupt positive momentum and throw individuals off course. Every person has an ego, and it is almost impossible to silence this demanding voice at all times.

Having Honest Followers

A leader is nothing without a solid group of followers who can hold the entire group accountable. Being a successful leader is certainly not a solo endeavor and requires the assistance of others. Working or leading people who blindly follow your every step do not create a healthy environment for leaders and followers to thrive truly. On the contrary, leaders who have followers that are willing to correct them often become stronger over time. There is strength in humility and listening to the wisdom and knowledge from others. Even if you are the executive of a Fortune 500 firm, there is always more to learn and experience. Leaders who understand this aspect of life are often revered and sought after when it comes to individuals looking for career advice.