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The Latest Trends in Online Gaming

October 25, 2016




How many readers remember the days before online gaming was as popular as it is? In fact, many of you can probably remember when there was no such thing! The internet age has changed the way we live – and play – in no uncertain terms, and today there is so much choice that it can be overwhelming choosing what to play.

The first online games were role-playing games – echoing the popularity in the non-digital world of the likes of Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy game played with dice roles – and were quite basic in today’s terms. Of course, to us back then, they were a revelation, and the ultimate in game playing. The popularity of these, and the increasing ownership of personal computers, led to more variety, and also to the dawn of the games console. Today, your average games console connects to the internet – just as your computer does – and the smart TV has taken online gaming to a new level.

The Rise of Online Gambling

It is no surprise that online gambling followed the popularity of gaming; initially, the major bookmakers saw the benefits of allowing customers to place bets on the traditional sports – horse racing and football, for example – via computer (and, more recently, smartphone), and while this remains illegal in some countries, in the UK it is regulated and all above board.

What followed was that the same bookmakers, who had seen a vast increase in income from slot machines in their high street shops, decided to take to this route online too, and introduced virtual casino games alongside their traditional offerings. Thus was born the online slot machine, now perhaps the most popular form of gambling using the internet.

Online Slot Machines and More

If you check out any of the may online gambling outlets – in fact, have a look at for access to the very best gambling sites and information on signing up bonuses, which can be very lucrative – you will see that they have a wide variety of slot machine games, and also offer you the opportunity to play free spin slot machines. The latter are very popular as they allow players to practice and try out games before committing with real money.

Free spin slot machines are very popular – you can while away a half hour of your lunch break playing games without the chance to lose money – and the paying versions are also much used. Of course, as with physical slot machines and all forms of gambling, you can lose as well as win, so consider your spending carefully!

Before we go, we mentioned signing up bonuses; many online gambling sites and bookmakers offer to match or sometimes exceed your initial deposit with money you can play on their machines. It is well worth checking these out carefully at the likes of, as they can give you a serious amount of money to play with. Online gambling and gaming is convenient, fun and here to stay, so enjoy yourself and you never know, you might be a big winner.