The Why and How of Branding Bags with QR Codes

November 15, 2016



You might not know exactly what QR codes are, but you’ll certainly have seen them about. Made up of a grid of black and white squares, these are special barcodes that can be scanned by people’s personal devices. QR actually stands for Quick Response; when someone scans a QR code with a smartphone, webcam, tablet, or other such device, they can be used for all kinds of things.

Often, you’ll find that a QR code will take you to a certain website or video. This can be a great idea, but it isn’t your only option. If you’re going to add a QR code to your branded bags, here are just a few ways to make the most of them.

  • Create a ‘Call Now’ Code: QR codes don’t necessarily have to redirect a device to a website. You can also create ones that will automatically call your business when they are scanned with a smartphone.
  • Enter a Prize Drawing: People love winning prizes, especially if entering into a draw is easy. Scanning a QR code is plenty simple, so think about creating monthly prize draws and then linking to a QR code. If you’re giving away your bags at a conference or other event, have the prize awarded at the end of the last day.
  • Link to Social Media Accounts: It’s great to take potential customers to your own personal site, but having them connect with you online can be even more beneficial. You can set a QR code to send out an auto-tweet about your company from a person’s Twitter account or have your page automatically liked on Facebook.
  • Special Items: For retail businesses, it makes sense to use the bags you provide your customers with to increase retention by providing special offers. You can load up a QR code to take customers to a page of deals on your website or download a set of coupons that can be used to make purchases in store.
  • Build Your Subscription List: Need a few more people signed up to your emails? Try making a QR that links to it. You can use some of the ideas listed above, such as entry into prize draws or special offers, to sweeten the deal for people who scan through.