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Three Ways of Defining Leadership

September 17, 2016



Leadership is absolutely vital when it comes to getting the most out of your business. Without the manager taking control of everything, and ensuring that the staff are working to the best of their capabilities, everything falls apart.  Leadership development is extremely important if you want to remain competitive in such a full market. You need to be able to keep your staff happy and motivated if you want to keep your business running as smoothly as possible, and the only way to do that is to keep on learning.

When you consider that according to Training Mag, while leadership development is considered one of the most important factors when it comes to running a company, 36% of managers don’t have a strategy or plan in place to keep on top of this, you can see just how vital it is. If it is something that you have never considered, then now is the time – before it becomes too late!

Leadership can be defined in many ways, and means different things to everyone, but here are three examples of just some of these:

1. Trust

Your staff need to be able to trust your judgment, to know that you’re going to do what is best for them and the company. This can only be earned by proving time and time again that you are willing to do whatever is necessary – even if that means getting your hands dirty with them, particularly when it comes to the more menial tasks.

With trust comes respect, and a dominance that people are actually willing to listen to and communicate with. By simply acting in a way that shows you always mean what you say will get you on the right path, and remember trust and respect works both ways, so you need to treat your employees in the way that you wish to be treated yourself.

2. Action

You have a vision with your business, and you want your staff to understand that clearly, which means you need to constantly take action. Try something new and reward the people who work for you when they have ideas that help you along the way. The more your employees see you in action, the more motivated they will be themselves, and the more time you give them, the happier they will be in their jobs.

3. Focus

Getting distracted from the task at hand is easily done and difficult to repair, so you need to ensure that this doesn’t happen wherever possible. If this means delegating certain tasks and projects to your trusted staff members, then so be it. You are at the helm of your company, and you need to prove that concentration goes a long way.

A good communication system will help you a lot with this. This can be meetings, emails, or even announcements. As long as you know that everyone is aware of what needs to be done, and where the business is headed, at all times.