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Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Will Remember Your Brand

September 26, 2016



It is important for the business that the customers remember the brand. A high brand recall signifies that the logo or promotion is recognisable. It means that the customers can draw the company’s logo out of memory. Knowing that the icon is a representation of the brand, it is one reason why it should be carefully designed to help customers remember it. Although most of the popular icons are recognisable, there are also other icons that customers tend to forget because the logo fails to emphasize its purpose. In designing the logo, it is helpful to have them easy to recognise and remember. Here are the top 5 reasons why customers will remember the brand:

  1. Customers will remember your brand because of its logo.

The company logo is iconic in its symbol, representing the brand and the company. More customers will be able to remember the brand if the logo is designed to be recognisable in shape, colour, and graphics or symbols. People tend to remember the company or brand if its logo or design is attractive and pleasing to the eye.

  1. Customers will remember your brand because you promote it often through effective advertisement.

Advertisements, whether digital, multimedia, or traditional, play a major role in promoting the business. The more the product or brand is exposed, the more it is stuck in the minds of the customers. It will be easier for them to recall the brand from memory, especially when they need the product.

  1. Customers will remember your brand because you emphasized its benefits and importance.

Sometimes an attractive icon or symbol or logo is useless if you fail to convey the importance of your business to the consumers or clients. If they are not aware of what your product can do, or what benefits it can give them, they will tend to ignore your brand. When you emphasize the purpose of your products, even if the logo is simple, customers will come over again and again as they are satisfied.

  1. Customers will remember your brand when you exceed their expectations.

There are so many ways to exceed customers’ expectations, and one way is by simply personalising your service. Customise how you serve them or deal with them in such a special way. As they see how sincere you are in providing services or quality products, they will remember you and build confidence in you and your brand.

  1. Customers will remember your brand if you prioritise and give your customers importance.

The social media and the internet can be your simple way of recognising your customers through emails, notification, and interaction on social networking sites. As they continue to patronise you, or visit your websites, or share your brand to others, recognise their effort and reach out to them, especially when you are introducing a new product. In case you are organising a promotional event, let them know or let them participate. This will also give them a feeling that they are important to you.