Travel insurance tips for the over 50s

August 29, 2015


It might easily be argued that the older you become – in your retirement or approaching retirement, for instance – the more you deserve a holiday or two each year.

Unfortunately, and as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau warns, age may become a barrier to securing the travel insurance that is needed to protect against an illness or other medical emergency leading to a cancelled holiday or the need for immediate medical care and treatment whilst you are away.

Many of the standard forms of insurance might involve considerably higher premiums for older travellers and some may decline cover altogether.

To discover more about the ways in which age might affect insurance for your travel plans you might want to visit Specialist providers such as this may help you identify travel insurance with the over 50s in mind – at an especially competitive rate.

The need for travel insurance

The appropriate type and level of travel insurance may become important to the over 50s traveller as a precaution against the following mishaps and potential disasters:

  • the element of medical cover in any travel insurance is probably the most critical;
  • it may provide compensation in the event of your having to cancel the holiday because of some medical condition or illness;
  • once you have started your travels, however, it may become even more critical;
  • if you are overseas, the costs of emergency medical attention may be very expensive – accidents on a winter sports holiday or medical emergencies aboard a cruise ship might involve medical evacuation and transfer to a private hospital for treatment;
  • even after that immediate treatment, you may need repatriation back home and the additional travel costs they are almost certain to incur;

Pre-existing medical conditions

  • although a specialist in arranging travel insurance for the over 50s is able to help identify suitable policies at more competitive prices, it is still important to take an honest and accurate approach to declaring any pre-existing medical conditions you may have;
  • failure to do so might result in the rejection of any related claim – and leave you with a potentially very large bill to settle;

European Health Insurance Card

  • the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is free but needs to be viewed with a degree of caution and not to be confused with the need for full travel insurance – especially if you are over 50;
  • an EHIC gives you access to the same free, publicly provided health services as citizens of the European country you may be visiting. But those free services may fall far short of any treatment or care you need in an emergency and may not cover all costs, such as prescriptions.

As you get older there may be no less a sense of excitement and anticipation in planning your next holiday abroad. Finding the appropriate type and level of travel insurance, though, might become progressively more difficult.

If you consult a specialist provider of travel insurance for the 50s, however, you are likely to find the cover you need at a competitive price.