What Careers Can You Choose If You Have an Accountancy Degree?

May 30, 2016




Are you stuck in a job that you do not really enjoy? Do you have a head for figures and finance? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you may be considering embarking on a career in accountancy. If you decide that this is an option you want to pursue then you will need to have the required qualifications; this will probably involve studying for an accountancy degree. You may be wondering how you can find time to do this at the same time as living a busy life.

One option you have is to look at studying for your degree online; this means that you can study with far more flexibility. You can take a look at the options you have if you wanted to study accounting online. You may also want to consider what career options you have once you have obtained your accountancy degree. We are going to take a look at two of the accountancy careers you may want to consider and two careers which could be accessed if you have an accountancy degree.

Careers in accountancy

Two of the main options, if you want to follow a career in accountancy, are to become a chartered accountant and to become a management accountant. Although both of these roles are accountancy based, they involve different responsibilities. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from both of these accountancy careers.

A career as a chartered accountant

If you choose a career as a chartered accountant then you can expect to have to manage financial systems and budgets. You will probably also be expected to conduct audits and to provide financial advice. The salary range for a chartered accountant is wide and you can expect to earn anything from around AU$ 48,000 to AU$ 100,000.

A career as a management accountant

If you decide that a career as a management accountant is for you then you can expect to have responsibilities such as preparing financial statements, making sure that budgets are adhered to, helping to informal strategic decision making and working with managers from other areas to ensure that budgets are put into the correct context. As with chartered accountants, management accountants are subject to wide salary range, from around AU$ 58,000 to AU$ 104,000.

Careers you can access with an accountancy degree

Deciding to study for an accountancy degree does not necessarily mean that you have to opt for a career in accountancy; there are other fields you could choose. Her are just two of the roles you may want to consider.

A career as a management consultant

Working as a management consultant can be a very interesting and diverse career because you are working with different businesses to improve their performance and results. That being said, there are generic tasks that you will be expected to perform; these include carrying out analysis and research, gaining any required information from employees and clients and preparing and presenting business proposals based on your research and analysis. The average salary for a management consultant ranges from AU$54,000 to AU$182,000.

A career in retail banking

An accountancy degree has the potential to unlock a career in retail banking for you. Retail banking branch managers have a variety of responsibilities; these include people management, including recruitment, making sure the bank operates as it should, developing new products and meeting sales targets. If you embark on a career as a branch manager you can expect to attract an average salary of around AU$76,000.

You can see that f you decide to study for a degree in accounting you have several career options to choose from. You can choose to stay within the field of accountancy itself or opt for something a little different.