Why You Need A Management Platform to Handle your Frequent Flyers Points

August 4, 2017


We all want to spend as little money as possible on round-the-world luxury air trips. The internet is full of stories where clever wayfarers somehow find ingenious ways to spend only a pittance on luxury air trips and hotel resorts through backdoor means. The story goes this way – by tediously managing the rewards system in a dozen or so credit cards, savvy travelers are able to quickly score valuable frequent flyer points.

After spending an enormous amount of time researching on blogs and perusing through countless brochures, travel and finance blogger, Daniel Gillaspia brags how he managed to shave the cost of a luxury round the world trip from a monstrous $52,000 to a paltry $408, which is less than 1% the cost of the entire trip. How he managed to squeeze such an expensive trip into a price comparable to that of staying at a run-down shack of a hotel is something beyond our tiny minds – Daniel’s ‘travel hack’ program is not everyone’s cup of tea.

We advise the reader against adopting this practice because it is not possible to juggle dozens of credit cards, eyeing every single point accrued and then somehow cashing it to book hotel trip somewhere in the far corner of the world. We would all lose our cool by the time we do manage to get our hands onto the free trip.

It is instead preferable to become a member of Points Bank and monitor the growth of all your points in real time. Your own personal points manager where you can view all your frequent flyer points in neat, user friendly dashboard. The best part about joining is gaining all of the financial and travel expertise on your fingertips without actually dwelling into the nitty gritty details of the travel world.

Either that, or spend countless hours reading into blogs to become acquainted with the rather confusing world of frequent flyer points and how to use them. Remember that no two points are the same and you will need in-depth knowledge on their actual worth before cashing them. You should also download the Points Bank extension on Google Chrome so you can manage your frequent flyer points on the go while browsing the internet.

That luxury round-the-world trip at 5 star hotels is probably just one click away, all you have to do is trust the experts at Point Bank to handle your points with accuracy and precision that you won’t find anywhere else. Choose from over 100 of the most popular frequent flyer programs to upload your score – why restrict yourself to just one airliner when you can collate all those hard earned points from multiple airliners into one secure place.

Not all points are built the same and neither are all points redeemed the same. Your professional and personal life simply doesn’t afford you the time to dedicate to learning these strategies. What you can do instead is let the experts at Points Bank help you carefully spend your hard-earned points.